Learning Malay Language

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Recently,Ii've heard that many people trying to learn a few languages that they found beneficial and unique. the most want-to-learn language nowadays are English, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and surprisingly my mother tongue language, MALAY.

source : Youtube

i'm very touched of this phenomena. hence, I myself would like to give my support by providing help and teach this language in a very simple way.

First of all, let me start with
pronunciation of syllables.
This is a very simple part. Trust me.

The vowel are the most important alphabet to produce the sound right?
In English, vowel alphabet sometimes does not sound as how it appear.
for example : "Quay" is pronounce as the word "key".

While in malay, the vowel " i " simply produce the sound as in the word
"Key" which is spelled in Malay as "Ki"
Here i made a table to help your understanding..

I'm not using the phonetic symbol because not everyone know the sound to produce.
lets use "B" as the consonants for the example.

can you catch the vowel sound without the consonant?

How about the consonant sound?
in English, the letter G might end up being "Get" and "Gel".. surely you can spot the difference of each G sound produce. let me help.

other example :
combination of two syllable
Ba + Ju = Baju (mean Shirt in English)
Bu + Ku = Buku (Book)
Sa + Tu = Satu (One)

Combination of 3 syllable :
Ke + Ta + Wa = Ketawa (Laugh)
Me + Na + Ra = Menara (Tower)

can you see how simple it is?

*If you find this tutorial is very beneficial,
do give me feedback and if you need more, just ask me..
 i'll try to help..

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