Friday, 13 December 2013

Allah Name on My Fish

Hello friends!! 
Last Friday, I've bought some new fish..
2 Tiger Oscars
2 Albino Oscars
 2 Hypostomus Plecostomus.
don't ask me why is it the name are so weird.. I Don't Know..
Simply search for it if you do want to know..
so, this is my fish..  


this is a new aquarium that i bought a few days after i bought the fish. 


What is so special about this fish?

When I went to a pet shop in Klang city to buy some Parrot Fish, I was called to go back of the store to checked out a few puppies caged there. Along the way, there are many fish that i found very interesting in my eyes.
when i reached the last tank, my legs suddenly stop. WHY?


I found something that is very interesting and really turned me on (not in !@#$%^ way).. :P
I saw the Muslim God name, 

Allah / الله 

on one of the Oscar fish body. I was so amazed and decided to buy the fish.
Here it is..

Fish with Allah name on it


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