Friday, 13 December 2013

Miss Natasha Bt Ariffin

last time i posted about Sir Raj Ali Zahid Elley.. 
My literature and TESL Methodology lecturer..
This time I want to tell you about my other beloved lecturer which is the active
Miss Natasha Bt Ariffin 

 She is a very friendly, humorous, active, lovely, courageous, and the other adjectives that can pleasantly describe her even though she is quite fierce in the early years.
She started to show her loving character especially when it comes to us TESLian. 

She love to be straight forward and I like it. Some cannot stand and often hurt by her words. but not me... I'm totally fine with it.

Look at her, isn't she cute and pretty? hohoho 
She always complaint that she is getting puffy and puffy.. 
I don't know why.. 
in my view, she is so adorable.. right?

on 11th April 2011, we celebrated her birthday in a class in Selangor International Islamic University College. It was so fun and i really enjoy the night.

 Lets skip about her until our last semester being with her. 
We've conducted an unforgettable event that was suggested by her to make sure that we have memories to be stored in our heart and mind.
A Theater Production
 Sir Raj Ali Zahid Elley, our Literature Lecturer did not plan for any on stage assignment due to short semester. But amazingly Miss Natasha have trusted us to do the theater. 
She believes on us.
That is all  we need for that time and Alhamdulillah it was a huge success.
Thank You Miss Natasha 

Always in my memory.. ;D 
Thumbs Up

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